Doing fitness, regardless if it’s professional or recreational, needs healthy eating habits. It usually involves reduction of unnecessary weight and fat tissue. However, achieving the dream figure isn’t such an easy task. Training is not enough, a strict diet full of nutritious food is also necessary. Not all of them we can take enough of from food. It might be necessary to add specific supplements to the diet. Which ones should be taken into consideration when starting the fitness adventure?

HMB Supplement

HMB is a derivative of L-leucine amino acid. Unfortunately, in foods it’s only present in very small quantities, which is why it’s necessary to replenish it. What can we gain with it? HMB supports the development of muscle mass, increases our strength and reduces fat tissue. It’s best not to overdo it with the dosage. It’s important to keep to the manufacturer’s guidelines. It’s similar to too small dosages – they will probably not bring the desired effect.



Creatine is naturally present in human body. Its main task is to store energy in muscle cells. Increasing creatine in the body results in increased muscle mass and better physical fitness. People who take it appreciate it for growth of muscle strengths and increased endurance. Apart from HMB and creatine, it’s important to also take proteins and L-leucine.
Let’s remember that supplements alone are not enough. It’s also important to eat healthy and train regularly. Only this way we can achieve the desired figure.