A lot of people who have not had much to do with sports, havethe idea that the usage of any nutrients or other dietary supplements would be harmful. Some of them even mistake them for illegal doping or steroids. So what is the truth? Can dietary supplements harm us?

Role of dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are really useful for our health. Their task is supplementation of nutrients. It’s usually minerals, vitamins and substances that have physiological effect (mainly plant extracts and chemicals that aren’t found in normal food but are important for proper functioning of the body).Obviously, a well-balanced diet can supply all needed substances. However, our lifestyle often leaves us no time to prepare proper meals that are rich in nutrients. At those times it’s good to reach out for supplements that will quickly replenish at least vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin D, which we don’t take in enough of, mainly due to the climate zone that we’re in. Not enough sun and bad weather in winter can negatively affect our health.


Often enough, we are lacking vitamins from groups A, E and C. You only need to pick appropriate supplements rich in this type of vitamins. Almost instantly we will feel and look much better. Use of dietary supplements is also recommended for pregnant women and athletes. The first group especially needs iron for the proper development of the baby. Using these preparations should then be consulted with a doctor. Dosage is the prime matter and needs to be set by a specialist.